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TPK 400 r Bathroom dryers (890×530) 380W ( TPK )

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TPK 400 r WHITE Bathroom dryers

The NOMATERM unit is put into the aluminum frame and from the back side it is protected by the insulation material covered with aluminum foil and aluminum plate. The bathroom dryer TPK with aluminum frame belongs to 1st class appliances. There is inner thermostat built-in TPK 400 r.

1 in stock

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Type Dimensions (mm) Input Power (W) Protection
TPK 200 v 840 x 390  200 W   IP 44
TPK 200 r 840 x 390  200  W  IP 44
TPK 400 v 890 x 530  380 W   IP 44
TPK 400 r 890 x 530  380  W  IP 44

Guarantee conditions:

Guaranty time for bathroom dryer operation is 2 years from sell-by date. Product will be free repaired by manufacturer in functional defect incidence not caused by user during guaranty time. Guarantee is not granted to any color changes of workable surface.

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