Easy Install

With no Maintenance
Installed on Wall or Ceiling, The light weight Radiant panel can be fixed to any surface, The Panel is then connected to a power supply.

Your home is too cold, or heating too costly?

Save up to 60% on your Heating bill.
This is because of the principle of operation, the Panel radiant heat on to all surfaces and once the heat increases on surfaces it begins to radiate inwards and the room increase temperature. The infrared heat also is absorbed by the human body therefore increasing body temperature.

Health Benefits

Improves blood flow and strengthen the body immune system
With Antibacterial properties the Sunjoy panel reduces bacteria up to 99% even when panel is not turned on. The Sunjoy Radiant panel with Negative ions is the only Patent panel in the world with Nanosilver Technology.

Heat on Demand

Instant heat
The panel heats to maximum surface temperature within 60 seconds delivering gentle heat to your home or office space.

Eco Friendly

Produce's no CO2 emissions.
Does not realise Carbon monoxide. Dose not dry air or carry dust particles with up to 25 year life span.

Long life cycle

Up to 25 year life span
With up to 7 year warranty the panel can be installed in humid environments (add link to application (Sauna)) such as Bathrooms and saunas