Heating panel ECORA is made for ceiling heating or tempering. It can be used as a primary or supplementary heating to the already existing system. Heating panels ECORA have been used successfully in following premises:

  • In public buildings (kindergartens, schools, cafes, bars, restaurants, etc.)
  • In manufacturing and industrial premises
  • In commercial premises (shops, kiosks)
  • In living premises (apartments, houses)
  • In lecture rooms
  • In offices
  • In storage rooms

Infrared heaters ECORA are made by unique technology that not only gives warmth, but also has a therapeutic effect on the human body and on environment.

They work in far-infrared wavelengths in the range of 5-10 mkm. This radiation is accompanied by the anion radiation, antibiosis and deodorization effect.

The impact of long-range infra-red radiation, which is present in heaters ECORA, as well as anionic radiation, has the following beneficial effects on humans:

  • Prevention of respiratory diseases and asthma
  • The beneficial effect on animals and house plants
  • Neutralization of odours and smoke
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
  • Calming effect on nervous system
  • Overall healing effect on the body
  • Metabolism promoting
  • Reducing high blood pressure
  • Natural deodorization and antibiosis
  • Cells activation in the body
  • Skin diseases prevention
  • Skin elasticity restoring
  • Blood circulation stimulating
  • Blood cholesterol level reduce
  • Immunity improvement

Deodorization – elimination of bad smells generated as a result of organic matter rotting.
Antibiosis (Gr. anti against + bios life) – term, suggested in 1942 by microbiologist Waksman Selman Abracham, (1888-1973). Refers to the kind of organisms co-existence relationship in a specific conditions where one organism limits the possible existence of another (inhibits the growth of bacteria).

If I already have basic heating system, why to install additional heating?

In many rooms there are so familiar radiators. And if they already exist, why should we install an additional heat source? Here are some of the reasons why:

There is a need to heat the areas where the radiators are not installed and the heated air does not reach them (bathrooms, summer houses, greenhouses, etc.)
When heating is required in special or service premises (hallways, utility rooms, duty rooms, guard posts, stairwells, etc.)
Less frequent use of traditional and most expensive oil and gas and storage heating systems will save you money