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SR-8 D * 866w (606x1506x30)

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Far-infrared heating is designed to make you always feel comfortable and fresh. It can provide you with enough heat generated by its special far infrared rays that can soothingly penetrate your body, thereby improving blood circulation.

Sunjoy Panel is a revolutionary product which can improve well-being and everyday living in your home or office and is similar to how the sun heats our earth. With the advantage of anti-bacteial effect and anion emission which is delivered by silver nano technology will result in a better working/living environment. Silver nano and deodorization properties are present when the panel is switched off, The back insulated Sunjoy panel Provides a gentle warm & natural environment for you, with low running costs. The discreet lightweight white 30mm slim panel is available in 7 sizes. The Sunjoy panel heats to a surface temperature of up to 100 Degrees Celsius in 180 seconds

6 in stock

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Model Type Electricity consumption & running cost* Current, A Dimension, mm Weight, kg Heating area, m2 Notes
SR-8 D Exposed 130°C 866W / €0.14 per kW/h 3.93 606*1506*30 4.6 14-16 High ceiling


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