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AURATON 2005 temperature regulator

Your new programable thermostat will serve your family for years and significantly save the energy cost. The large multi-data liquid crystal display allows you to operate the feature-rich design with a touch of a button.

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Caution: Switch off the electric source before installing the thermostat. We recommend that the  installation should be performed by a trained personnel. Select a suitable location for the AURATON.
The location of the thermostat can greatly affect its performance. If it is located at where circulate air
cannot reach, or exposed to direct sun light, it will not adjust the room temperature properly.
To ensure proper operation, the thermostat should be installed at an inside wall with freely circulating air. Find a place where your family usually occupied. Avoid close to some heat generating appliance
(e.g. TV, heater, refrigerator) or exposed to direct sun light. Do not install near a door where the  thermostat will suffer from vibration. Wiring. Wiring terminals are at the back of the thermostat. Press down the terminal cover, you can find three terminals which labelled COM, NO and NC. It is a typical single-pole, double throw (SPDT) contact. In most COM and NO are used. Mounting the thermostat.
Use the template provided, drill two 6mm holes on the wall. Insert the wall anchors and tighten the left
screw with 3mm clearance. Fix the thermostat by putting it over the screwhead and slide it rightward (note the keyhole like opening at the back of the thermostat). Tighten the remain screw to lock it in place.

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