About far-infrared rays (FIR).

It is known, that to function properly, your body needs adequate doses of far-infrared rays (FIR). Your body is made-up of billions of individual cells. It turns out that specific wavelengths of far-infrared light (9-14 microns) are vibrating at the same intrinsic frequency as your own cells. The FIR energy that is absorbed improves overall cellular performance. The whole metabolic process perks up everything from better enzyme production to the elimination of waste byproducts and toxins.

FIR means the constant healing process. Your body is continually in a state of repairing itself. New cells are replacing old damaged ones and far -infrared light plays a major role in this process. Whether you’re perfectly healthy or suffering from some kind of ailment, FIR helps improve your health from the “inside out.”  The energy of FIR is vital to your health and longevity. Far-Infrared Radiant Heating System delivers heat to every corner of a room, unlike heating systems that are based on air circulation or heat conduction.

Imagine the comfort you feel when standing outside on a warm sunny day. That’s how we describe the luxurious warmth of  Ecora & Sunjoy far-infrared heating panels.

  • The system employs the same method as that employed by sunlight, i.e. it radiates far-infrared rays which travel through space in a vacuum and heats the earth;
  • Over 93% of far-infrared radiant heat is absorbed deep into the human body, heating up over 70% of the water in it. This heightens the body’s physiological action and increases the body’s temperature, thus making one feel warmer even when the heating system has been set at 3°C or 4°C lower than in the other existing heating systems.

Difference between radiation heating and convection heating

Far-infrared heating panels found their wide usage in the following environments:

  • Residental buildings
  • Schools
  • Commercial buildings
  • Sauna rooms
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
Convection heating systems Far-infrared heating
Penetration of heat Restricted on the surface of skin Penetrate up to 5 cm depth and warm the skin and inside simultaneously
Difference of temperature between floor and ceiling 10ºC difference between ceiling and floor 2ºC difference between ceiling and floor